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Some Interesting Facts About Flowers

In the almost all cultures of the World  the flowers are very important.


They are used in the interior, serve as a sign of attention, pleasing eyes, smell and nervous system. For many hundreds of years, in most parts of the Earth, a bouquet of flowers has served as a universal gift.


  1. The smallest flower in the world  has a diameter of only 1 millimeter. And the biggest flower on the planet is the tropical plant Rafflesia Arnold - with a diameter of 91 centimeters, it weighs about 11 kilograms.
  2. White flowers do not exist - in fact they are colorless they do not have any color pigments and simply reflect sunlight. Black pigment also does not exist in the world of colors - the color can be either dark red or deep purple.
  3. In Hinduism, flowers are widely used for sacrifices - they are burned in a ritual fire to get rid of diseases and cleanse the environment.
  1. 4. People bred about 50,000 roses and their hybrids. This is the most popular flower for bouquets and the most common inflorescence for the image on the arms.
    5. The oldest rose on the planet for 1000 years adorns the German town of Hildesheim. Despite its advanced age, the flower continues to bloom every year.
    6. Rosehip, also a rose, has only 5 petals, and artificially bred varieties, their number reaches 128.
  2. 7. Scientists have proven that flowers respond differently to people depending on how they relate to them.

  3. 8. The most expensive flower in the world costs around 5 thousand dollars. This is a golden orchid that grows in the mountains of Malaysia and first blossoms only at the age of 15 years.
  4. 9. The world's first floral clock was planted in 1720 in Switzerland. The dial was divided into 12 sectors, planted with various types of flowers that bloomed at different times of the day. The clock coped well with its task, allowing you to determine the time with an accuracy of half an hour. Unfortunately, on cloudy days the townspeople had to do without them, since some of the flowers without the sun did not open at all.
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