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Vacuum Cooling

Invos Flowers specializes in quality processes that improve durability and excellence of our flowers. For us it is very important that our customers are fully aware of our processes, while the benefit of a cold chain regardless of the final destination of flowers.


The vacuum cooling process that we provide, results in long lasting flowers and does not affect the market value of our products.


Given that flowers are a perishable product, and a living being that "breathes". Their generated combustion due to the packaging, from the moment the logistics process start (Transportation from the farm to the embarkation point). With proper temperature management of the product is possible to reduce mechanical abuse, stops developing flower growth, dehydration and also prevents diseases that develop from the combustion caused by the types of packaging used for wholesale flowers.


Vacuum cooling is:

"Product or goods" are inserted in an airtight container called vacuum chamber. Which evacuates air and pressure, extracts heat while leaving a minimum temperature of 2 degrees in a section. Being capable of cooling to 180 half boxes at once, to improve flower quality and provide excellent cooling.



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