Monday, 30 March 2015 00:00

New Varieties 2015 from Ecuador

For all our clients that are looking wholesale accessible roses. Invos Flowers discloses new varieties available for 2015!

Some of the new varieties offered for our Ecuadorian suppliers are: Campary, Conquista, Gotcha, Parmida, Mojito, Playa Blanca, Heart Gates, Glory, Incognito, F píorench Riviera, Novia, Grey Knights, España, Magic, Art Rose, Martina BB, Ghobi.
And for those ones who look for tinctured roses we also have new wholesale varieties 2015. Aguamarina, Rose Connection, Christmas Time, Independence, Karioka, Lemon Drop, Love, Mother´s Love, Sister´s Love, Multicolor, Atamari, L’orange Bleu, Purple Blaze, Purple Snow, Tequila Sunrise.


All these wholesale roses may be found when making your order.


noticia martha rincon


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